Overtaking Cyclists

Every time that I go out for a long ride there’s always someone who overtakes without considering that there’s nothing to protect me in an accident, that there is all sorts of potholes, manholes and broken beer bottles at the edge of the road. Add to this that my feet are bolted to the pedals and that if I do need to stop quickly those skinny tyres hardly touch the ground, so I won’t be stopping too quickly. Hence when they do squeeze past or cut in quickly I occasionally drop my guard and make my feelings known (ignoring rule number one – don’t fight people in metal cages).

Whilst debating how much space our metal caged friends should give I was already aware that they should give a bike “as much as you would a car.” My interpretation of this was that you should give a three foot gap or the distance between you and the car you’re overtaking. How wrong could I be??? When pointed to rule 163 in the highway code it would seem that they should give the following distance for all “vulnerable” traffic, including cyclists:

Rule 163 - How Much Space?

Only my wife gives keeps that far away from me. Damn silly drivers don’t even know the highway code… not even this one.

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